Hamputi ko, salamat dun sa light! :*
Skateboard for my bday #lateupload
Umitim ako laloo -_-“

"The fact that I’m falling inlove with you is scaring me. Sure it is great to feel love but to be hurt is worser than worst"

"You always make me smile and laugh in many ways. That’s why I love you."

Halloween. OMYGHOD.. I HAVEN’T POSTED FOR AWHILE :<.. ANYWAYS, this is my picture with my friends (a.k.a the band ‘ReZiMiEl’) when our halloween party happened. :)
School will be colonizing my life again… :’(. 11 days left till Sept. 1.
Wahh! Le boys of my life…Nah just kidding. There are other anime boys, hihi ^^